Message From the DG Prisons MP

Shri Arvind Kumar, IPS

Director General, Jail & Correctional Services, Madhya Pradesh 

DG Sir

           Welcome to the MP Prisons & Correctional Services Department’s Website. We hope that you will be able to better understand MP prisons, their services, role and other relevant information through this website.

          The Prison staff ensures the safety of society by isolating the deviants from the law and at the same time attempts to reform prisoners ensuring their better integration with society at large.

         Our approach is to uphold the human rights of prisoners and dedicate our services for the betterment of the society. We ensure that prisoners are treated with dignity and the prison walls do not act as impediments to the penetration of human rights. Our focus is now on reformation and rehabilitation and not just punishment.

          This website is an attempt to bridge the information gap between the prison administration and the general public. We hope you will get a fair idea of what our efforts have been through this website.